Razvojni center Novo mesto

What we say about them: Razvojni center Novo mesto is with Business incubator Podbreznik a stimulating business environment with modern infrastructure and a set of administrative and intellectual services for the creation and development of enterprises. We work together to help young entrepreneurs to start their business in a supportive environment. We are always there and available to them for any help and advice.

What do we cover:

  • Business development
  • Marketing and market research advising

What they say about us:

‘’We closely cooperate with Irena in developing new ideas and startups. She is highly motivated in helping young people on their business ideas. She is specialized in digital marketing, this way she knows a lot of useful tools and ways for analyzing the market and setting the right marketing strategy.’’


  • ClientRazvojni Center Novo mesto
  • CategoryBusiness development
  • Start Date09.1.2017
  • End DateOngoing
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